Hello, my name is Daryl Weir and I've been restoring and sharpening saws for quite a few years now. Some of you might be familiar with saws that I have sold on ebay as woodnut4. Over time I will be offering saws from different eras from various quality manufacturers. I will say that Disston's will probably be the main ones, as they were the largest producers of saws and ones that I find the most. The saws that are presented for sale are ready to use and have been carefully jointed, teeth reshaped, set and sharpened with every operation being meticulously done by hand. There have been no re-toothers involved to stress or bend the saw plate and the teeth are not overly set as sometimes happens with power setters. The teeth were punched into these old vintage saws when the plates were soft, then they were heat treated and tempered. Smithing was next followed by grinding and possibly polishing depending on the quality of saw. A final blocking was done to on the finest saws to take out any other inperfections after grinding. If the old saws had been kept in order properly (I find few are), retoothing by a machine should never be necessary. Even though it takes more time filing in teeth by hand, I never will introduce any stress into the plate by doing it this way.


   Hopefully over the years I've established a name you know you can trust. I love doing it and truly hope this shows through in the quality of the saw you receive. If by some chance you're unhappy with the saw you've purchased from me, I'll gladly refund the price of the saw, as long as it's returned in the same condition as I sold it, that's my guarantee.


Here's a few links to some references on my sharpening ability.




I will be continuing to update this site with more information as time allows, so bear with me.


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