Here's a listing of saws that can vary from Disston, Atkins, Bishop & Simonds etc. that I am proud to offer for your consideration. They are all tuned up & ready to use.


    My pricing reflects the time it takes to refurbish these vintage saws by hand but I think you will be pleased with the results when you cut with it. Shipping through USPS Priority Mail will be calculated based on weight and your address. Generally, packaged saws weigh between 3 and 4 lbs.  Email me for more information and for item totals. Payments accepted through Paypal and USPS money orders.


   I will add more saws as time allows. I still have a full time job through the day and enjoy doing this as a hobby in my spare time. Thanks for looking!




















































1910 era 26" Disston No.12 5ppi rip hand saw with graduated teeth. The carved apple handle is in very good shape on this one with quite a bit of the original finish remaining. The blade has a good crowning breast on the cutting edge and is near full factory width. It has been cleaned & hand polished & the etch can still be easily read. There is some pitting on the front side toward the point of the saw which looks to have been caused by some type of acid more than water, Still back far enough not to cause any issues. Of course the blade has the typical No.12 London Spring ring to it! I've tried this saw out in some walnut and it's a wonderful cutting saw. The edge received a complete rehab to bring it back into better than factory shape. A nice, usable vintage Disston No.12 saw that's ready to be put back to work.      


Price $300.00  AVAILABLE!        More pics available here No.12



1910 era C.E. Jennings A7 1/2 26" 8ppi crosscut ship point saw. Jennings made some high quality saws which don't show up all that often and this one is in very good shape. The etch is bold and the blade is bright & clean. The edge has a light crowing breast and I've sharpened and tuned it up. It's ready to be put back to use and enjoyed. The carved beech handle has quite a bit of the original finish and is in good solid shape. Selling on consignment for a friend.        


Price $0.00  SOLD!        More pics available here Jennings A7 1/2



Here's a harder to find premium, 1900 to 1910 era, 26" 11ppi Disston ACME 120 no-set cross cut saw. Freshly filed with the tall tooth configuration like it should have. Most 120's when found have had regular teeth filed in which diminishes the fast and smooth cut these will produce. Good clean, breasted blade with some patina and light pitting on the reverse side well back from the edge. Etch is still very readable. I've repaired the top horn on the carved apple handle with apple. It has been refinished with dewaxed garnet shellac. Blade has a great ring to it when thumped.


Price $0.00  SOLD!        More pics available here Acme 120 & Video

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